Celtic Demo Recordings

Reels Demo, including
The Salamanca, The Musical Priest, and Fermoy Lasses

Slip Jigs Demo, including
Another Jig Will Do, The Butterfly Variations


I made most of these recordings in my home music studio. Some were made with the use of a Looper Pedal. In other cases, I layed down the guitar track then the bodhran (drum) then the fiddle.
My band, The Sons of the Full Moon, plays some of these tunes at contradances around the Southeast.
And I have played for Irish step dancers at the Charlotte Feis and private events.
But most often, I just give solo performances. Acoustic folk music settings are my favorite. But it seems most times these days I find myself performing in venues where sound reinforcement is needed. So I play thru a PA system, and try to achieve an acoustic sound.
When playing live, I use a Looper Pedal to lay down the guitar part, and then pick up my fiddle and go!